Justin Reckamp is a well-respected guitarist in the jam scene, having blown up with his band Mungion in only two short years. He studied jazz and guitar performance at Columbia College in Chicago, and draws inspiration from the greats such as Jimmy Herring, and of course, Parn Kournt.

1996 Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody-II
2014 Fender Stratocaster w/ a Warmoth neck26654997_10155112764975986_130873159_o


Fender Twin Reverb Custom 15
External Randall 2×12 Cabinet w/ 2 Celestion 30’s


Signal Chain-

Tuner > Ernie Ball Volume Pedal > Vox Wah > Ibanez TS808 > Maxon VOP-9 > BYOC Alchemy Custom Compressor > Whammy 4 Pedal > TC Electronic Pipeline Tremelo > MXR Phase 90 > Boss Flanger > Boss Reverb > Alter Ego Echo/Delay >  Boss DD6 Delay > Hall of Fame Reverb