My Rig

This is for those who are interested in what I’m using. My board changes pretty often, as I’m still trying to find some sounds I’m chasing, and I’m constantly trying new things with my pedals.


2013 Mexican Fender Stratocaster “Millie” I got this guitar as a present from my dad for my 15th birthday. I’ve played a strat since I started playing guitar because of him and our mutual love for the legendary Buddy Holly. After 6 years of using an old Squire (which was outfitted with a new neck from a guy named Douglas, as was emblazoned on the headstock) we got on eBay, he felt it was time for me to upgrade.

It’s named Millie after the character in the Phish song “Fee.” Junta was the album that got me into Phish, and “Fee” kind of threw me into the deep end of Phish’s weirdness, with its slightly off-kilter groove and entertaining story. She’s a beautiful instrument.


1980’s Carbon X-60A Combo AmpThis amp was also a gift, from my Uncle Chris who bought it a long time ago and left it sitting in his attic once he started to move away from playing electric. It’s an interesting amp, sort of a mix between Fender clean sounds and Mesa leads. It’s technically a 2-channel amp but they’re designated “Rhythm” and “Lead” channels, although I almost never use the “Lead” channel. The “Rhythm” sound is much fuller and clean, which allows me to get my drive from pedals.


Signal Chain- Electro-Harmonix Pitchfork > Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby Wah > OnStage Tuner > MXR UniVibe > Xotic EP Booster > Maxon OD808 > Ibanez TS9 > MXR Dyna Comp > MXR Auto Q > MXR Phase 90 > TC Electronic Flashback X4 My board isn’t too crazy right now, and it borrows a lot from Trey Anastasio as is obvious by the whole 2 Tube Screamers into a compressor thing. I leave the Dyna Comp and EP (two VERY important ingredients in my tone) sideways because they’re always on, and all of the stuff in the top row are things I use less often than my drives & delay. I feed my signal into the Pitchfork first, because I like being able to pitch shift down an octave and use the wah, and wah > pitch doesn’t sound super pretty.

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